Rutherford Global Power is now part of PBE Group; a global heavy industries and technology company.

Why Hire?  The higher value of Hire.

We believe that being flexible means having choices to find the best commercial package for your operation or project. That’s why we offer other options besides the simple sale of equipment.

Rutherford Global Power is a specialist in the Hire of complete electrical packages to suit your requirements. Our Hire offering allows our customers to gain the maximum benefit and flexibility of high quality, reliable equipment at a cost effective price.

Benefits of Hire

  • Hire does not require capital expenditure – no balance sheet impact
  • Only pay for what you need when you need it
  • Turn-key package designed specifically for the project
  • Supporting the project for it’s duration not just delivering equipment
  • Equipment warranty over the project period – not just the first 12 months after purchase
  • Advantage for Joint Ventures as it eliminates issues of asset ownership and disposal
  • No cost to store depreciating equipment after project in the hope that it will suit future projects
  • That odd yet vital piece of plant may not be wanted after this job
  • Short term casual hire allows turn on and turn off for short term requirements
  • Hire lead-time can provide advantages over purchase lead-time
  • Greener sustainable solution maximising existing assets over the life of the hire

Our substantial hire fleet of electrical equipment allows us to react quickly to our customer’s needs.

Another major advantage of our HIRE offering is the warranty that we extend over the entire project period. This shows the confidence that we have in the strength, quality and longevity of our equipment.

Pay for what you need, only as long as you need it.

A popular option with some customers is our Sale with guaranteed Buyback.
Even though it is not as economical as Hire it provides the flexibility for customers to make a decision at a later date if they wish to retain ownership of the equipment and the certainty of disposal of all the equipment at a guaranteed price. This option has been seen as a valuable alternative to HIRE, especially by Joint Ventures, as it eliminates issues of equipment disposal at the end of the project.


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