Rutherford Global Power is now part of PBE Group; a global heavy industries and technology company.

Rutherford Global Power provides our customers with customised solutions to their electrical power needs. To achieve this, the company is structured to include project management, engineering, manufacturing, as well as research & development.

Our comprehensive range of specialised electrical equipment is designed to quickly and easily power up operations and projects.  Our large global hire fleet is supported by our sales and service capabilities. From building custom engineered substations to providing plug and play power cabling systems, our team understands the requirements for mining, tunnelling and construction providing customers with innovative and specific solutions to their electrical power needs, whenever and wherever they are needed.

  • Full Electrical Design Package
  • Flexible Commercial options such as HIRE and SALE and BUYBACK
  • High Voltage Switchrooms
  • Containerised Substations
  • Compact Tunnel Substations
  • Section Isolators
  • Transformers
  • Tunnel Distribution and Control Boards / DCBs / GEBs
  • Generators and Power Plant Substations
  • High Voltage & Low Voltage Cables
  • 11kV, 15kV & 22kV Couplers and Junction Boxes
  • Flexible trailing cables up to 185mm
  • Tunnel Lighting Systems with LED solutions
  • Tunnel lighting transformers
  • Tunnel Communication Systems
  • Drill and Blast electrical equipment expertise
  • TBM electrical equipment expertise

Our team have extensive experience in the management and execution of transport for our wide range of electrical equipment.  This provides us with the reach to transport your valuable equipment anywhere in the World.

Our experience provides us with the understanding of mining, tunnelling and construction requirements allowing us to provide specific solutions for your project or operation.

Cable Services

  • Rutherford Branch
    Rutherford NSW 2320 Australia
  • Lithgow Branch
    Lithgow NSW 2790 Australia
  • Emerald Branch
    Emerald QLD 4720 Australia
  • Mackay Branch
    Paget QLD 4740 Australia
  • Moranbah Branch
    Moranbah QLD 4744 Australia

Site Projects

  • Tomago Branch
    Tomago NSW 2322 Australia

Manufacturing & Overhauls

  • Tomago Branch
    Tomago NSW 2322 Australia

Equipment Hire

  • Tomago Branch
    Tomago NSW 2322 Australia
  • Mackay Branch
    Paget QLD 4740 Australia


  • CouplerCo
    Rutherford NSW 2320 Australia


  • Tomago Branch
    Tomago NSW 2322 Australia


  • REES
    Rutherford NSW 2320 Australia


  • Newcastle (Head Office)
    Tomago NSW 2322 Australia
  • Singapore
    Trade Hub 21, Singapore 609964
  • UK
    Colchester, Essex CO3 8PH, United Kingdom
  • Malaysia
    55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia